Ashley George becomes a perfect dream of Santa

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Hello there! You know that I enjoy being outrageous and unusual every single day of my life. Being a dickgirl is not enough for me. I keep looking for new impressions and sex experiments. Last weekend my new boyfriend traveled with me north to enjoy some snow. It was a melting experience! I wanted to have a couple of naked pics on the background of snowy field and my boyfriends did his best to take pictures and keep me warm with his big hot body and hard throbbing cock! It was absolutely fantastic!


Ashley George shoves her shemale cock into her boss’s throat

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Hi! This time I have prepared something absolutely stunning for you, my charming peeking freaks! I finally revealed to my boss the fact that his witty and hard worker does have balls and the dick I own is just as hard as his. It was a wild surprise for him. I took advantage of his state and made him serve my cock the way I had always pleased him during coffee breaks – I shoved my stony cock deep in his throat and made the bastard polish my tool all smooth and shiny. It looks like the guy enjoyed the process. Do I have to ask for pay rise? )))


TS Ashley George shares cute homemade photos

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Hello, my dearest admirers! I love you all and want to treat you with something delicious. I know that all of you enjoy peeking and watching other people secretly. I will let you have a furtive look at my private life now. You will see me as I am every second of my life. Enjoy my humble homemade photos: me early in the morning, me in my study, me playing with my cat etc. No glamour, no fake showing off. I hope you will enjoy those pics. If you do, let me know about it, and I will place here some more of them for your utter enjoyment.

Ashley and Morgan Bailey enjoy TS sex

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Hi, guys! I am so tired and exhausted, but so deeply satisfied and happy that I want to share this perfect mood with you. There are people whom you see occasionally to have the best time in your life. This is what Morgan Bailey means to me – we meet occasionally to relax and have absolutely stunning sex together. The dirty slut knows too well what makes me absolutely crazy with lust and milks me totally dry. I still have her sweet smell on my hot body and feel the thrilling taste of her cock but I am already looking forward to our future encounter!


Ashley George in red makes you long for more

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Hello, my darlings! The other day I met a new boyfriend with a big meaty cock and the guy turned out to be a photographer. It would be silly to miss the opportunity of getting a free professional photoset before having a good fuck with him )) I NEVER miss such changes, you know )) Now you can enjoy my afternoon fantasy in red – I put my most playful red lingerie on to tease the man and treat you to something delicious. I saw as his dick started throbbing the moment I flashed my ass and cock. I love this dirty sex freak!


Ashley George takes pictures of herself

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Hello! Today I am here to explain that I am an ordinary girl just like many sluts you see on the streets. The only difference is that you can fuck me and be fucked back in return! )) Well, I have to admit that I love flashing and demonstrating by curves on the streets. Yes, I am THAT naughty! Making sexy self-shots and placing them online is a part of that sweet and thrilling hobby. Watch my pics to see me the way I see myself. Aren’t I hot and lustful? Don’t you feel like stretching my ass when you see my naughty lips and perfect boobs? I know you do ))

Selfshot-Ashley-George-02   Selfshot-Ashley-George-04

Selfshot-Ashley-George-03   Selfshot-Ashley-George-01

Ashley George in her little black dress

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Hi, guys! I told you once that I enjoy being different, playing with people and changing my looks. This is one more attempt to try something new. The other day I found a cute little black dress and decided to arrange a professional photoset wearing it. It seems like I looked too hot because my photographer told me to take it off and sway in front of his cam absolutely naked. I know the old freak wants to shove his meaty dick into my tight ass but I never fuck with ancient things, so I see him wank in my toilet after each session! ))


Ashley George sets her seductive allure free

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Hi, my dearest kinsters! I have finally completed the work that I wanted to fulfill for several months. I worked for the most sensual set of pics for my profile. I wanted to be open and sexy but keep away from looking vulgar or indecent. Looking at these photos I believe I finally succeeded to show my real self. Yes, I am hot and I love having sex with different guys in different places. But I am also unique and sensual. You can never possess my body without touching the deepest cords of my naughty soul!


Ashley George – her Official Site

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Hello! Hello! Hello everybody! I am so thrilled and happy! Finally I have the site of my own! It looks exactly the way I wanted it to be. The guy who designed the site for me had a fantastic head and an amazing cock! I did my best to make his work enjoyable. He made his best to be a real professional and please me the way he can. I enjoyed our cooperation, and hope you will enjoy every single link of my resource. I promise you to upload hot updates and thrilling reports of my sex life and adventures. Do not hesitate to check out my hot contents right now!